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When it comes to finding a reliable service provider that will get the job done right, the professionals at PROJECTS LOCAL are here to help. With over 30 years of experience in the construction and service industry, we have seen what happens when a consumer in need of a service, can't make a timely connection with a service provider. 

At PROJECTS LOCAL in Great Falls, Montana, we are dedicated to ensuring you make that connection with the proper local contractors and service providers with experience in your area of need. By posting a project on PROJECTS LOCAL, you will align yourself with service providers that have time in their busy schedule to bring your job to fruition. Have you ever spent hours desperately searching the yellow pages or the internet to find someone to fill your needs, making endless calls only to find they are to busy, not taking on work right now or just didn't return your calls at all. Leaving you, the consumer, frustrated with the process and disappointed that the project will never be completed. For about the price of a cup of coffee, we at PROJECTS LOCAL want to connect you with the right service provider who is not only interested in doing your project, but can bring it to completion, providing you the satisfaction you desired!
With the new launch of the PROJECTS LOCAL site we are waiving our $3 posting fee. Please use the PROMO Code: FREE 
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Find Projects
2/12/2022 Projects Local Team
From PROJECTS LOCAL home page, hit Post a Project. Sign in or up. Choose a Project category. Fill in all the pertinent information about your project. Hit Submit Projects. Pay the posting fee and sit back while local Service Providers contact you!
2/12/2022 Projects Local Team
To locate a project in your field of expertise, hit Find A Project. Enter search criteria such as category, location, keywords. The search will locate PROJECTS LOCAL customers in need of a Service Provider within the search perimeters specified.
2/12/2022 Projects Local Team
Tired of watching your hard earned dollar disappear running ads with varying results? PROJECTS LOCAL can increase your bottom line by providing a free platform for Service Providers to find local projects in their field of expertise.